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    Magical Lantern Festival Chiswick London 19/01/17 – 26/02/17

    Magnificent life-size and large lanterns surround the Chiswick House in preparation for the Chinese New Year

    It is just phenomenal. The walk starts by a large lantern of the houses of Parliament all lit up in beautiful colours.

    At the end of the show there is an entertainment area serving a range of international foods, Duck wraps, Steak burgers, noddle bar, crepes are some of the choices.

    For the kids there is an ice rink, ferris wheal and a virtual reality gaming experience.

    For further information please visit

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    January 23, 2017

    Adventure Travel Show 21-22 Jan Olympia Exhibition Centre

    Thinking of booking a holiday why not consider an adventure holiday.

    The Adventure Travel Show held at the London Olympia might just be the right place for you to talk with specialist companies that are dedicated to plan itinerates off the beaten track.

    Don’t miss out on the chance to speak with the biggest collection of specialists all under one roof.

    Why not make a weekend of it and stay at the Chiswick Rooms a few underground stops away


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    January 20, 2017

    Great British Beer Festival at Olympia

    glass of beerFrom today until the Saturday the 17th you can head over to Olympia in Kensington London and take part in the 36th Great British Beer Festival.  They are expected around 55 thousand visitors over the next 5 days.

    If you are a publican or work in the pub or brewery industry you need to head to this event.  There will be lots of  representatives from this industry and journalists on hand. Plenty of entertainment and food for everyone to enjoy, and of course lots of beer tasting.  However the beer tasting sessions are booking up fast.  So if you want to book a tasting head over to this page:

    Tickets cost from £8 to £10 for members and £10 to £10 for non members.

    CHEERS everyone..

    If you are heading over to this event this week, why not book a room with us.  We are a Chiswick hotel near Hammersmith Road where Olympia is located.  The map below will give you an idea of where we are located in relation to Hammersmith.

    View Larger Map

    A Look at Iconic Bridges in London

    London is among the world’s major tourist attractions. This city is famous for its amazing places, spectacular events and other attractions that millions of tourists, across the world, see and explore. An iconic element of this magnificent city is the bridges made on different rivers that flow through the city.  A few of the bridges actually date back to thirteenth century while others acted as shelter during the period of the World War.  Both residents and visitors will always find these bridges to be exceptionally enchanting and eye-catching. Here are some of the famous London bridges worth visiting:

    1. Vauxhall
    The bridge was set up way back in 1906 and it was the first bridge for trams to circulate. Several statues and bronze sculptures are located at the ends of this bridge. Thus, visiting this bridge soaks you into the rich British history. Also, significant historical places border this bridge including the National Museum and Tate gallery.

    2. London Bridge
    The history of this bridge dates back to the period of the Roman invasion. King Henry commissioned the bridge in 1179. These days, the bridge has gone through intensive restoration work, and helps to regulate huge traffic in London.

    3. Tower Bridge
    As its name could suggest, the location of the bridge is near the Tower of London. The bridge is London’s iconic monument and is famous for its paintings and art galleries that it houses. The bridge was set up towards the end of the nineteenth century and it’s thus declared as the World Heritage Site.

    4. Westminster
    This iconic bridge was established around 150 years ago. Its location is near remarkable monuments like Big Ben, St. Stephen Tower, and Westminster Abbey. Thus, if you head to the bridge, you will not miss out other amazing attractions near it. The major attraction at the bridge is its lighting that occurs at night.

    5. Waterloo
    Constructed on River Thames, this bridge provides very breathtaking views of London. It was the first bridge to comprise of cement and concrete. At the World War I and II, the London residents used the bridge as shelter.

    6. Blackfriars
    This amazing bridge provides magnificent views of London too. Therefore, if you want to have the bird’s view of the glamorous London city, you can head to Blackfriars. It does not only provide you spectacular views of St. Paul’s Cathedral, but is also among London’s oldest monuments.

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    June 4, 2013

    London’s Markets: A Few Things You May Not Have Known

    Living in London is an experience that leaves a huge impact on all your senses. Being the capital of the UK, it is brimming with culture and delicious cuisine. The city is renowned for having some of the best restaurants worldwide. It would be interesting to know what makes the dining experience in London so exquisite.

    This may partially lie in the talent pool of chefs and cooks. It may be the unyielding expectations on food service that Londoners innately have. It may also be the competitive culinary arts market that is constantly producing new and unique flavours. The source from which the ingredients are obtained may be a reason too.

    The key to good cooking is not just the talent or the skills a chef has, but the raw ingredients used. They key to getting good raw ingredients is having a good source. London’s markets are home to several indoor, outdoor, and street markets. Each of these markets has made a name for itself for providing unique, high quality products.

    London’s markets are also varied. There are those that specialise in a single thing and those with a selection of items. There are those that sell wholesale, supplying restaurants, hospitals, schools and the likes, and there are those that sell goods on retail. There is a lot more you may or may not have known about some of London’s markets and what makes them so unique and special.

    1. London’s markets have a rich history tracing back to the middle ages.
    2. The first farmer’s market was Islington Farmer’s Market.
    3. The markets, especially the wholesale ones, were originally set up to serve the City of London, and street markets were originally set up to cater for the populace in the suburbs between the 18th and 19th Centuries.
    4. Not all markets stood where they stand today. Historically, some market locations moved from one location to another because of factors such as the building and expansion of infrastructure.
    5. London’s markets are under the control of the City of London, as well as 32 of London’s Boroughs.
    6. London’s South West is home to the largest wholesale market for vegetables, fruits, and flowers in the UK. It serves some of the best restaurants in London, supplying an amazing forty percent of all produce consumed outside homes.
    7. The Borough Market was first located on the London Bridge long before it ever fell down and it became a bit nomadic, relocating severally, before settling in its current location in 1870.
    8. In holistic terms, the Smithfield Market was originally a live cattle market, and that is real whole sale.
    9. The original location of the Spitalfields Market is still used as a market today, only that it trades in different wares that include fashion, art, and vintage goods.
    10. The Columbia Road Market was started in the 19th century, selling leftovers from the nearby Spitalfields Market. Now that is creative and profitable waste management.

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    May 10, 2013

    See London as a Local

    If you have never visited London, make 2013 the year you finally do! The England’s city sings out its own praises of attractions to keep visitors coming back for more. From a spin on the London Eye to a tour of the Tower of London, this city has amazing features that leave many of its visitors surprised. In addition to the big hitters, there exists another side of London city that many visitors usually miss out completely: the London which locals love.

    Shopping and markets
    There are many wonderful shopping centers within the England capital that will make your shopping experience even better. For instance, you can visit the Shepherd’s Bush and shop at the Westfiled shopping center, a mighty shopping center that many tourists as well as Londoners usually flock in to do their shopping. This wets London giant shopping point is popularly known as the usual home for the high street suspects.

    For the fashion lovers, vintage clothes are usually found at the Brick Lane which offers most unique fashion in London city. There exist other small stores dotted within the city as well as a Sunday market where you can get one-off clothes with bags. Another east End favorite is the Broadway Market located in Hackney which has stalls that offer gists as well as delicious street meals.

    In addition, there is an England city’s most multi-cultural food market which is in Brixton. This market usually opens from Monday to Saturday and offers everything from Jamaican bullah cakes to the pig’s trotters.

    Going out
    If you like going out with your buddies to have several bottles of ales, Edgy East London will be your perfect choice; it has remained to be the hippiest nightlife in the England’s capital. Hoxton as well as Horeditch top the list of the most buzzing parts of the city with a diverse mix of clubs, bars, as well as pubs which make perfect points for the weekends.
    You can as well go to the surrounding areas of Hackney as well as Dalston to enjoy your tiem in the coolest underground bars and clubs. Through the word of mouth reputation, Dalston has become the most preferred place to be on Saturday nights; as a result of this, many high class clubs such as the Passing Clouds and Dalston Superstore have emerged and became the essence of the fashionable city.

    The river
    One of the best rivers in England that fascinates its capital is the Thames Path National Trial which is about 184 miles from its source to the Thames Flood Barrier. The Southbank area is the busiest stretch of this river and is among the best points to view the city well. Besides, other top sights of this river are the Tate Modern as well as the Houses of Parliament. Few miles to the west of the river, there is another side that makes this river even better; a rural setting, boat clubs as well as inviting pubs form the best place to escape the city.

    Perfect for a Sunday stroll
    With a village-like charm, the leafy Richmond which is located to the southwest of London city has an idyllic place on the river. It features a vast green space with cosy pubs as well as very pleasant architecture. This place attracts many visitors and Londoners who are searching for a nice place to escape the city. Another similar place is the Highgate located in the north London; it has very descent pubs and cafes which are ideal for Sunday lunch.

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    January 8, 2013

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