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    The Gem in the Real Chiswick

    Chiswick is located about six miles outside of London and is the perfect green, leafy suburb that inspires picturesque movie scenes. It is serene, hosting large homes that have gardens and no litter on the streets. It is truly the ideal location for raising a family.

    Chiswick seems to have taken its home and garden cues from the famous Chiswick House. The House has a long and rich history that includes its beginnings as a private collector’s art gallery, a journey through the hands of several owners and a close shave with World War Two that nearly saw it destroyed. It has since been restored and now remains one of London’s unique historical landmarks. There are some things that make the Chiswick House stand out from most other historical landmarks within and around London.

    The architecture, to begin with, is borrowed from 16th Century Italian and ancient Rome architecture, making it quite conspicuous. The second striking feature is the dedication to opulence in the interior decoration that boasts entire rooms covered wall to wall with velvet. Coupled with this and rather obviously is the art work, which is displayed throughout the interior and exterior of the house as stand-alone pieces such as sculptures and urns, in the upholstery of the green, blue and red velvet rooms, and also in the furniture and paintings.

    Chiswick House is also renowned for its splendid gardens, green and plush, stretching over a wide expanse and hosting a variety of greenery in trees, shrubs and flowers. The gardens also contain pathways and art pieces in the form of urns and statues. These gardens are historically said to be the foundation of English gardening culture as is known today. The gardens themselves are one of a kind, unrivalled in their variety and arrangement.

    With the number of visitors coming here yearly, Chiswick House requires constant management and maintenance. For anyone wishing to participate, there are several volunteer programmes available as tour guides, garden guides, wardens and kitchen gardeners.

    Touring the Chiswick House and Gardens can be tiring and the Cafe at the House offers a wide variety of refreshments for visitors. Its location provides a serene and breathtaking view of the gardens while providing ample seating space to patrons both indoors and outdoors. The Chiswick House is not just a historical landmark, but a display of true British culture. A visit to Chiswick House and its surrounding gardens is worth every pound spent.

    If your looking for a hotel in Chiswick why not come and stay with us? We have recently been awarded a 4* guest accommodation certification from visit England.

    Below is a map of how to get to Chiswick House from Chiswick Rooms. It is 1.3 miles away:

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    May 28, 2013

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