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    A Look at Iconic Bridges in London

    London is among the world’s major tourist attractions. This city is famous for its amazing places, spectacular events and other attractions that millions of tourists, across the world, see and explore. An iconic element of this magnificent city is the bridges made on different rivers that flow through the city.  A few of the bridges actually date back to thirteenth century while others acted as shelter during the period of the World War.  Both residents and visitors will always find these bridges to be exceptionally enchanting and eye-catching. Here are some of the famous London bridges worth visiting:

    1. Vauxhall
    The bridge was set up way back in 1906 and it was the first bridge for trams to circulate. Several statues and bronze sculptures are located at the ends of this bridge. Thus, visiting this bridge soaks you into the rich British history. Also, significant historical places border this bridge including the National Museum and Tate gallery.

    2. London Bridge
    The history of this bridge dates back to the period of the Roman invasion. King Henry commissioned the bridge in 1179. These days, the bridge has gone through intensive restoration work, and helps to regulate huge traffic in London.

    3. Tower Bridge
    As its name could suggest, the location of the bridge is near the Tower of London. The bridge is London’s iconic monument and is famous for its paintings and art galleries that it houses. The bridge was set up towards the end of the nineteenth century and it’s thus declared as the World Heritage Site.

    4. Westminster
    This iconic bridge was established around 150 years ago. Its location is near remarkable monuments like Big Ben, St. Stephen Tower, and Westminster Abbey. Thus, if you head to the bridge, you will not miss out other amazing attractions near it. The major attraction at the bridge is its lighting that occurs at night.

    5. Waterloo
    Constructed on River Thames, this bridge provides very breathtaking views of London. It was the first bridge to comprise of cement and concrete. At the World War I and II, the London residents used the bridge as shelter.

    6. Blackfriars
    This amazing bridge provides magnificent views of London too. Therefore, if you want to have the bird’s view of the glamorous London city, you can head to Blackfriars. It does not only provide you spectacular views of St. Paul’s Cathedral, but is also among London’s oldest monuments.

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    June 4, 2013

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